W2 for deceased employees

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W2s for deceased employees

I sent my W2s like I always do but I’m a little curious how to handle a possible situation. I know that at least two employees from last year have passed away in the past few months. I sent their W2s to their home as usual. If the spouses/children/heirs of these employees ask for copies of their W2 how do you do it?

This thread was originally published on 2021-02-08 at 11:48:01.

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  1. If the amounts due to the deceased employee are paid during the same year the EE dies, SSA and MED tax is on w2 and ftw amount is not reported in box 1, but must be reported on 1099-misc in box 3. Using the name and taxpayer id number of the deceased employee’s estate or beneficiary.

    If the amounts ar paid after the year of death, no SSA or MED tax is withheld or paid and no reporting is done on form w2. The ftw amount is reported on box 3 of 1099-misc same as above.


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