Unlock My-Estub Account – Why is My ESTUB Account Locked?

My-Estub Account locked help me out. Do any employees have a problem with my estub username or account? Refer to our article for detailed instructions on how to unlock quickly in 2 simple steps.

This is the most common problem faced by many employees and we wanted to help you to unlock my-estub account in an easy step. Have any issues, feel free to comment below.

How to Unlock My Estub Account Quickly

unlock my estub account

Had you received “Your Username is locked”?

Wondering what does it mean?

Lets see what does it mean. Basically it means the My Estub account Locked.

This is a security measure to protect the employee payroll account as you had tried to access my estub account and had three failed login attempts. After the third login attempt had got unsuccessful, the account is automatically locked as a security measure.

Are you looking to unlock my-estub account? No need to worry, Your account is secure and it will be unlocked automatically in 24 Hours.

Again after 24 hours passed, if you try to access the account and failed on your first attempt, the estub account will be locked again.

If you are locked again or can’t wait for 24 hours, then we recommend you to contact the support center or Paperless pay help desk or payroll manager, or HR department.

Paperless Pay Customer Support Number:

Dial & Contact - 1 (800) 489 1711 

Contact Support or Customer Service

Get help on how to unlock my-estub account by contacting the manager or customer service:

If the instructions are provided by the company, kindly contact the Paperless Pay Customer Support Service center – Dial 1-800-489-1711 (toll-free number) and select OPTION 1.

The support centre is available from Monday to Friday during 8 AM to 8 PM EST.

In case if there was no instruction provided by the company, then the employees had to get in touch with the payroll or HR manager for any issues on my stub username and account.

They would assist you with detailed instructions on how to unlock my-estub account.

Recover Password for My Estub Account Locked

If this is the first time, then the password and the user id are provided by the company and complete instructions are shared to complete the initial setup process.

While setting up the estub account, enter your email address. By sharing the email address, you allow to receive instant notifications about payment and can be useful when you want to recover your password while estub account locked.

Recovering the account password also means that unlock my-estub account. So we recommend the employees to follow the below instructions:

  • Visit the official website of my-estub portal ie., https://my-estub.com/
  • Under the employee portal menu option, you will find the “Recover password” option below the input field.
  • Click on the “Recover password” to continue.
  • Verify your account by typing the user id. (In case if you had forgotten your username id, kindly refer to any email and get the username from any emails).
  • After the username is validated, you can now recover the password through email.

Frequent Queries on My-EStub Account Locked

I am locked out of my account.

In case if employee see “My Estub account locked”. Kindly contact the paperless pay support on 1-800-489-1711

Locked out of account, need to reset the password?

Our article will help you to recover the password quickly when you follow the detailed instruction.

My account is locked.

The complete instruction to unlock my-estub account will be provided through the paperless pay customer service number at 1-800-489-1711.

I need to get help with my estub account locked.

Try to recover the password, Follow the above instructions carefully or even contact the paperless pay help desk service.

Locked out of my account. Please help.

Employees can’t access my estub account, because the access to service is locked as a security measure, and “My estub account locked” messages will be displayed. To solve this, we recommend employees get help from the payroll manager. Get in touch with the payroll manager to get the account unlocked.

I have a new phone number, a new email address. Can’t log in using the old email?

Contact the support help desk on the toll-free number 1 (800) 489 1711.

If you had followed the above steps, you can easily recover your password. Also, it is very much easy to unlock the my-estub account by contacting the support line or payroll manager. Still if you have any queries, feel free to comment below.

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