My Estub: Features

This article is especially for new employees who are getting started with My Estub.

Here are few important options that are available for employees on the My-Estub portal for their own convenience. These are the default configuration available on

My Estub – Features


Below we had listed some of the most commonly popular features of my estub:

Email Notification

By default, this feature is enabled and the employees receive instant email on their inbox about their scheduled payments. The payroll information mails are sent on behalf of the company with attached PDF document which has enough details about the pay stubs. Employees had to update their personal or professional email under the notification setting to receive email notification.

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SMS Notification

This is one of the feature which employees enable during their estub initial setup ie., GET SMS NOTIFICATION. The company provides an option to receive instant notification about the payment through the SMS. To enable this feature, employees had to turn on the “Active Text message” option under the notification setting.

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View Online & Print Pay stub

Employees can view their payslips for a particular duration and click on the “View” button to get complete detailed instruction about the current payment. When a particular payment instruction is viewed, employees have the ability to take printout of their payment details using the Print to PDF/Print option at the corner.

In addition to this, The portal is not handled by the company. administrator access.

Payment History

From the menu, employees can view their past payroll records. This feature was recently updated, so when an employee logins they will be guided on how to view past payment records from the dashboard.

W2 form for Tax-filing

The W2 form option is available. This option is very useful for employees while completing their tax filing instructions through w2 form submission.

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