My Estub Initial Setup & Activate the Account

Employees are requested to activate their My Estub account by completing my estub initial setup process by using the login information.

Do you have any issues setting up the account? If there is any trouble activating the account, kindly follow our guide on how to complete the initial setup process.

Initial Setup Process to Activate the Account

Had you completed the initial setup? It is mandatory to complete the My-estub initial setup process to activate the account using the login information.

If the employees don’t have a username and password, we request you to contact the payroll department and request them to send login id information to the registered email address.

my estub initial setup

As referred to the above image, my-estub paperless pay employee portal looks exactly like the above image.

User ID & Password:

Username ID consists of 3-5 digits of company name, employee id, and first four letters of the employee’s first name.

Default password: 3-5 digit of company name + 001. Example: GSC001

Example of username: GSC2345678JOHN

The password is case sensitive, so make sure you enter the password correctly.

Want to know why is my estub account locked?

Contact the payroll manager or customer support center.

How to complete Initial Setup

To complete my estub initial setup, employees had to log in to the My-Estub portal with their login information and should create their own Secure password.

  • Employees had to change the default password to their own password.
  • Enter the new password, and re-enter the password to confirm to match.
  • Follow the guidelines to enable a strong and secure password.

Similar to this article, there is a UPS Employee login portal for the UPS workers.

Password Rules:

Password should be between 8-20 characters, contain at least 1 capital letter, contain at least 1 lowercase letter, at least 1 number, and special characters.

Example: MyRule34$@, mYs25F#1Sale, MghduW16$2

  • Also, enter the email address to get instructions when you request for new password.
  • Select the security question and type the answer. This is an additional security process to verify employee identity in case of the employee forgot the password.

This article is a part of the education estub guide about We hope you found it useful. If there is anything problem, feel free to comment below we would help you out with a necessary solution.

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