Learn new skills as a payroll manager

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Learning new skills as a Payroll Manager

Hi all. I wonder if there are other payroll managers here. What are the most important things I should learn to create a very professional salary and benefits budget/forecast? Does Microsoft Access help at all? More advanced Excel courses?

Any ideas are appreciated. General information is below for those who want context. Part of my job is participating in budgeting and forecasting salaries and benefits.

The benefits include the employer’s legal expenses like CPP, EI, etc. Currently, this is all done in Excel with basic and moderately complex formulas.

I feel like the way we tinkered with the whole thing is inefficient and difficult to dissect for analysis. Looking for a better solution with my estub paperlesspay

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  1. If you are doing a lot of repetitive formatting for uploads or reports in excel, a great skill to learn is VBA. You can get started by opening up settings in excel and enabling the “Developer” tab. Just hit record macro, do a couple of actions in excel and hit end recording. Open up visual basic from the developer tab and look at the code excel just recorded for you. Then you can look up tutorials online about how to edit that code to make it work with whatever input data you have.


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