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W2 Woes

I tell you, this happens every year. I usually ship my W2s on January 28 of each year. Every year they send me back a handful in the mail.

I email that employee / former employee “Your W2 was returned to us by mail, please provide a valid address or stop by my office and pick it up.”

Crickets in response. Then I get a reply weeks later in a panic because they need their W2. I ask again for an address or if they want to pick it up.

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  1. I had one former employee yell at me because they moved and I mailed it to their old address, the one on file. He was furious that i didn’t know he moved. I asked how was i supposed to know he moved if he didn’t tell us. He said it wasn’t his responsibility to keep former employers up to date about his new address.



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