Unauthorized payroll deductions

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Unauthorized Payroll Deductions

New York, NY. My wife just found out that her employer has been deducting a transit benefit and a short-term disability benefit for which she did not enroll during open enrollment. This has happened for the past few months without her noticing (oops), for a total of a few hundred dollars. Obviously, he has contacted HR to correct this in the future, but is there anything we can do regarding the amounts passed on since it was unauthorized?

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This thread was originally published on 2021-04-16 at 10:06:42.

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4 thoughts on “Unauthorized payroll deductions”

  1. Unless they have something showing she enrolled (many benefits on autoenrollment these days unless you opt out), should be no problem crediting the amounts back to her through payroll. Were all the deductions in 2021?

  2. STD is often a benefit offered to all full time employees and not something you can opt out of. A Transit benefit seems odd to just be added without enrolling in it but if it was truly not selected then the payroll team should be able to reverse and refund the amounts… it can be a lot of work due to it crossing quarters but it’s doable

  3. Yes you can aks your HR manager to sort this thing as soon as possible and also get reimburse all the money that have been debited. Many times due to various reasons such things happens. For any company or enterprise to reduce such things in their offices they should get enrolled themselves with certified PEO Service providers. As Peo service providers provide all the related services like Payroll management, recruitment, employee data management services online and let your firm access any data related to employee salary, benefit and many more and morevoer employees get notified about all their benefits and perks on regular basis. Peo Connection has been serving in entire USA and providing its PEO solutions to top notch enterprises.


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