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Ulti Pro???

I’m going crazy with our current HCM provider. You are considering upgrading to Ulti-Pro. But … are they all the same? Make a million promises but in the end, the software just doesn’t work the way it should ???

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This thread was originally published on 2021-02-24 09:26:58.

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5 thoughts on “Ulti Pro ???”

  1. Can you share the current provider and what’s making you nuts?

    Is it the service…are they making mistakes on your taxes?

    How many employees? What type of business?

    And no, they’re not all the same…some are better than others…some are better than others for specific industry verticals…etc.

    However…humans. :). Is it your Account Manager that is making you nuts? Do you even HAVE a dedicated Account Manager? (Or do you call an overseas service center with long hold times?). Do you have One point of contact…a person you get to know…and have their email address?

    They’re all SO different…and sometimes getting a better human…or getting a human PERIOD—with an HCM who provides you with a dedicated Account Manager—can make all of the difference.

    Happy to help in your search if I can! Or with ways to help to “de-nutsify” your current provider. Changing to a new HCM can often bring on a whole new set of headaches. I wish you luck! (Cast a wide net if you do end up looking. Make your needs and frustrations well known. Talk to a couple current clients. If you ask for current client references and they hesitate. Run!

    Some groups are really happy with Ultipro…some can’t get away fast enough. In those cases—where they’re driving admins nuts—usually there’s a human to blame. 🙂

  2. I have used Ultipro extensively and it is a great program, but if you are used to a payroll provider who does Everything for you it would be a change or cost more. I like the ability to set stuff up on my own and to have the visibility to see calculations and once you learn Business intelligence reporting the reporting capabilities are endless. I used paycom in the past and they were calculating our CA overtime incorrectly and it was always a fight. Ultipro has all their employees APA certified so you never have to argue compliance. Also Kronos and ultipro merged. It’s usually a competition between those 2 providers so you can’t go wrong! Let me know if you have specific questions I can help with.

  3. We currently has Ultipro at my job.

    Dear sweet lord no. Just don’t. The reports are the only thing decent about it.


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