The paycheck doesn’t make sense

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Paycheck not making sense

Hello. So at my job I earn $ 19 on weekdays and $ 20 on weekends working about 40 hours a week. I want to mention that I work every other weekend. With all my federal and state taxes and my health and dental insurance almost 200 a month, I only have 2,200 a month left, which is only about 26,400 a year, is that mathematically possible?

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This thread was originally published on 2021-03-12 00:01:11.

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5 thoughts on “The paycheck doesn’t make sense”

  1. Seems about right. Pre tax your annual comp comes out to roughly 40k. Assuming ~30% tax rate for federal, FICA, and state brings it down to roughly 28k take-home.

  2. Welcome to middle class lol. 20 bucks an hour is about 39k a year GROSS. However net income is about 26k. So ya. Your paycheck makes sense.

  3. Seriously, though –


    Look at your paystub. Are there any other deductions? Extra tax withholding? Are all your hours being logged?

  4. what state — are there state income taxes, are there deductions for state disability, wc, etc?

    I have to agree you need to look at a paystub. It is possible depending on taxes (and are you sure that $200 in benefits is monthly and not per paycheck if you are paid differently than monthly?)


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