Question from a confusing outsider on payroll

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Question from a confused non-payroll expert

Hello guys. I work in the United States (Texas) in the medical field. In September and October 2019 I was on maternity leave.

Yesterday, more than a year later, I received this message: “I am sending you an email to inform you that I will deduct ADDEP, ADVEE, DNEE, LTEE, MDEE, STEE, VSEE during September and October to bring you up to date. months that he was on leave.

Since that will be a large amount, I will split it into the next two non-insurance checks. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. “my estub access

Of course, I replied that I was not on leave thinking that there was no way I was referring to 2019. But he confirmed that he was. Tried googling what these deductions are and can’t find anything. Am I wrong to think this is strange?

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This thread was originally published on 2021-03-05 05:56:40.

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6 thoughts on “Question from a confusing outsider on payroll”

  1. These are most likely medical, dental, life insurance, and any other deductions you may have set up to be taken from your check as part of your benefits package. While you were on maternity leave, the amounts may not have been deducted since you weren’t being paid, however you were still insured so you still have a bill. The codes are likely specific to their payroll system software, which is why you cant track them down online.

    Im thinking MDEE is employee medical (deduction), LTEE might be term life insurance, etc.

    Why/how they waited till 2021 to bill you for 2019 I have no idea, most companies settle their books yearly and catch this type of thing at that time, if not before.

  2. They are your deductions. I would write back asking them to clarify because one of them ends in EP as opposed to EE (employEE). Strange that they used the codes in communication with you and not the deduction names. But looks like medical, vision, dental, long term disability, short term disability etc

  3. Yes they are your deductions..I mean a non payroll person can still see their own deductions NOT being taken out while you were on leave, so wouldn’t it make sense to take them when you return? It’s common sense. .

  4. if you elected and were covered by these benefits while on leave, yes you could possibly owe them if you didn’t write them a check for your portion while out on leave or you didn’t pay the extra when you returned. What they can’t do is deduct the employER portion since you returned to work for at least 30 days if this leave was covered under FMLA.

    It is a bit odd that it’s taken 2 years to find it though…It’s possible they went back and did an audit of benefit premiums for those on leave that they are now trying to recover.

  5. It looks like your employer didn’t manage the premiums in arrears properly. I would ask about it because the Dental/Medical/Vision being pre- tax deductions in 2019 will now be deducted post tax because it’s crossed years. If it is their mess up for not collecting upon your return from Leave, I’d email Benefits/HR to contest it.


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