Question about a career on payroll

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Question about a career in payroll

Hello, I will be graduating soon with a BBA. I have around 15 years of experience in several different industries that are not directly related to human resources or payroll. During my studies I really enjoyed accounting. I discovered that little by little, over the years, I have preferred to work alone rather than as a team. I understand that in all aspects of a work environment there is teamwork involved and I can live with that. In general, I prefer to work individually for most of my working hours. Could you tell me what the payroll work environment is like? In terms, of% individual work and% teamwork? It seems that most companies are looking for someone to do payroll to be certified as a PCP. Is this essential to enter the payroll? I did very well in my accounting courses and was also considering pursuing a CPA designation, but decided against it for personal reasons. What I’m trying to say is that numbers are very easy for me. I also did very well in business law. I’m just trying to see if this payroll career with PCP is worth pursuing … Is PCP certification nationally or internationally recognized as well?

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This thread was originally published on 2021-04-13 14:13:46.

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4 thoughts on “Question about a career on payroll”

  1. It depends on the size of company you are working for. I have been part of a team as well as solo. Team was 2500 employees and 3 staff with a part time worker. Currently 800 employees and I’m solo with the controller reviewing my payrolls. I do not have certifications and am almost done with my business degree.

  2. I’ve worked in payroll about 7 years, at 4 separate companies. The largest being a Fortune 500 company with a team of 30+ payroll specialists, the smallest was 700 employees and I was the only payroll specialist.

    The work environment has varied wildly at each company. The larger companies have been more structured and team-oriented. I prefer smaller to midsized payroll teams, although that limits your ability to take more than a couple days vacation at one time.

    I enjoy the work, but it can be boring. A lot of just pushing buttons and letting the software do the work. Depending on the company structure, you may or may not have to interact with the employees you are paying, which can be a pain.

    I’ve looked into the CPP certification, but my employers haven’t seemed to care about it at all. You aren’t eligible to sit for the exam until you have a certain amount of experience, and by that point the experience is more important to employers than the certification (in my experience, but this may vary in certain companies/industries).

    Edit: just saw the Canada flair. My experience is US based only.

  3. I’m the senior in my dept, but since I do payroll for a large retail chain its a bit cumbersome and we operate more like a startup, lots of team efforts to innovate but the work itself is independent, but payroll is very deadline driven, so if thats not something you aren’t interested in steer clear. There are many crunch times and it can be stressful and I feel like this has been my experience in small business and midsize companies. I’ve been in roles ranging from 500 employees to 3000, nonprofit, and union.


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