Payment Listing & W-2 on My Estub Employee Login Portal

One of the main functions of the My Estub portal is Payment listings and the Online W-2 Form portal. In this article, we are gonna help you on how to view the payments from the portal and view/print the w-2 form online.

In simple words, employees can view their paystubs online directly through the employee portal login. The payment history is available and viewed for 18 months only.

My Estub Portal Functionality

my estub portal functionality

At My-Estub, A paperless pay corporation let the employees with a detailed guide on how to get started with the employee portal login, complete initial setup, change password, set security questions, email delivery options, online W2 portal, enable text message notifications, view their payment listings and online paystub, edit user profile information and troubleshooting instructions.

  • Initial setup
  • Change password
  • Security Questions
  • Email Delivery Options
  • Online W2 Options & Portal
  • Text Message Notification
  • User setup, Compatibility view, and Pop-up blocker settings.

MYCVSHR is an online employee portal for CVShealth workers.

All these are available on the My Estub Paperless Pay Employee portal.

Payment Listing:

Employee payment pay advice listing provides a detailed pay stub details, quick instruction of any particular payments can be viewed online through the employee portal login.

How to View your Payment Listing

Employee’s electronic pay check advice options is available under the menu. All the pay stub advice is listed on the account and will be available for 48 months from the date of posting.

  1. Visit the official employee login portal at
  2. Enter the employee username and default password.
  3. From the menu, click on the “Payment Listing” option to view the payment history.
  4. The electronic pay advice listing is displayed & the list of payment transactions are shown below:
  5. Click on any particular pay advice “Trans ID” you wish to view the pay stub online.

How to Access your Online Paystub

Employees can view their online pay stubs from the payment listing option under the top menu after accessing the employee portal login with the employee username and default password.

From the list of payments, click on the “Trans ID” of any particular payment to quickly view the selected pay stub in a floating window. The Pop-up blocker settings had to be enabled and set to allow a pop-up for the particular website (

Before that, a warning message is displayed on how to print the paystub of the selected record. Click on the “OK” to continue. Employees can Stop the warning by checking the “Don’t show this message again”.

To view full instructions, click on the “Maximize” button from the top-right corner of the floating window.

How to Print Online Paystub

In the detailed pay stub instruction page, click on the Printer icon located in the right corner of the selected pay stub. It will open a print preview page, select the printer and change any printer settings or the Print to PDF option to print and save the document respectively.

Online W2 Portal

W2 Online Tax form is available during the year-end for the employees to complete the tax-filing process. Below choose the appropriate option to view the detailed W2 Online instruction from my estub employee portal and get access to My eStubView portal. If the my-estub account is locked, refer to our article on how to unlock your estub account.

How to Select the Online W2 Form

Employees had to access the eW2tm Tax form delivery portal from the W-2 option from the top menu at the My Estub Employee Portal website. In case if the user had not opted to receive w2 online, then they had enable from the User setup to change the online usage setting for W-2 Form.

To select the available W2, from the W-2 Tax form Delivery page click on the “View and Print W2 form” at the bottom of the screen under the available items to print.

View, Print & Download the W2 Form

After clicking the view/print W2 form, the online form will be loaded for quick viewing. To get the full detail instruction, click on the “Maximize” button on the top-right corner of the window.

For printing the W2 Form, click on the “Printer Icon” located at the bottom.

In case if you want to download W2, click on the Save button located on the toolbar to save the W2 for further viewing and printing.

Final Words:

We hope you had viewed and saved the pay stubs online and the w2 form. If there is any trouble in accessing the above document, feel free to comment below. Also, many employees have trouble accessing the W2 form after they had left their job. In that case, kindly contact the payroll manager.

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