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I quit my job on Friday morning of the second week of a 2 week pay period. My boss deducted $ 246 from my last paycheck, I guess because she doesn’t think she has to pay me in full because I quit on Friday. I was an employee and I was exempt. Is it legal?

This thread was originally published on 2021-02-12 04:18:21.

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  1. It’s legal.

    **During first or last week of employment**
    When an employee works less than a full week in the first or last week of employment, paying a portion of the employee’s full salary for the days/hours actually worked is allowable.

  2. It’s permissible to pay a salaried employee on a pro-rated hourly basis in their first and last week of employment. So in other words if you normally work 40 hours and you only worked 35, you can be paid 35/40 of your weekly salary for that week. Was this a reduction of your gross pay or an after-tax deduction like for missing property or something?

  3. Salaried employees only get paid off they work at least 1 minute a day. You should ask what it is for and if it was for not working Friday but you did, you need to fill them in and ask for that pay. If they won’t i would contact the dol


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