Job interview – advice

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Job interview- advice

I’m trying to change careers and have an interview for a payroll apprentice. Do you have any advice or an idea of ​​the NJ Tax questions I might be asked?

Thanks in advance Update: Thanks, everyone! I just passed my job interview CPP exam and got the job. Thanks for all your help it’s really appreciated.

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This thread was originally published on 2021-02-26 02:01:00.

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4 thoughts on “Job interview – advice”

  1. Know your why. The question that I think got me my current job was why do I get up and do it every day. Short answer is that I know I have 800 people who depend on me to get their money to them to allow them to pay rent and feed the kids. And that’s a huge responsibility.

  2. Study up on the new Covid relief measures, furlough etc. Know how they work in theory.

    They’ll probably ask about a time when you had to learn something new quickly. They’ll want to know how adaptable and how quickly you can learn.

    They’ll want to know also how good you are at explaining deductions etc to people with no knowledge of payroll, so come up with a few anecdotes showing that you’re good at explanations and communications

    Edit: they’ll also want to know how good you are under pressure and time constraints so think of times you’ve delivered accurate results under strict deadlines

    I always use a fear of public speaking as my weakness cus you’ll never have to do that in payroll

  3. understand exempt Vs non exempt, try to express that you pride yourself on accuracy. there is little room for error in payroll because you are handling people’s paychecks. Attention to detail is a biggie.


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