How Do I Check My Spherion Pay Stub

“As a new employee of Spherion I am having my paycheck deposited directly into my bank account. What I want to know is how do I get to see my Spherion pay stub since they do not give me a paper copy like I used to get at my old job?”

Spherion Pay Stub

This is a fairly typical question from new employees, especially those who are used to getting a copy of their pay stub on payday, whether or not they were getting paid with a check or deposited directly into a bank account. For my estub pay, kindly access the official portal.

Those who elect to get paid by check will still continue to get a paper Spherion pay stub just like you are used to getting from any other job.

For those who elect to have their checks deposited into their bank accounts or put onto a Paycard, you will be able to use the ePayroll system to access their paystub online.

Spherion ePayroll System – How to View Paystubs Online

When you gain access to the ePayroll system you will be able to your periodic pay stub online. Like any other pay stub, you will be able to see how many regular and overtime hours you have worked during the pay period. You will see your gross pay for the period and then see any deductions that have been taken out of your check.

This includes both pretax and post-tax deductions such as medical insurance co-pays and any union dues you have to pay for example. In case if you are looking to unlock your my-estub account, do read our article on how to solve my estub is locked issue.

The next figure you will see is a sub-total or adjusted gross pay. This is the amount of money that is going to be taxed. You will be able to see the dollar amounts for your federal income taxes, your social security, Medicare, and any state and local taxes.

In this column, your post-tax deductions will also be taken out.

The final figure on your digital Spherion pay stub is your net pay or the amount of money that has either been deposited in your bank account or put on your Paycard.

Spherion Online Pay Stub

Spherion has switched over to this system as not only is it more efficient for both the company and the employee, but it has allowed the company to save significant amounts of money over the years since they have implemented it.

You will find that once you have gotten used to it, you will wonder why everyone doesn’t use online paystubs ie., My-Estub employee portal to check paperless payment listings online.

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