Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any questions? In mind when the employees get access to my estub portal to check their paperless stubs through the online portal. So in this article, we want to give the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the paystub portal or payroll portal.

On this pandemic, during the lockdown, the physical delivery of paychecks was suspended. So an alternate to this was made by the company to deliver the payslips online using an application portal that delivers the paystub instructions on their account online at www.my-estub.com portal.


Employee FAQ on My Estub

How do I access my Estub?

The official portal of My Estub is https://www.my-estub.com. My estub website can be accessed by the employees only. My estub login instructions are provided by the company payroll or HR department.

How can I view my pay stubs online?

Employee pay stubs can be views online from the my-estub portal. Log in to my estub website with the company generated employee username and default password. After login, click on the Payment listings from the Top menu.

All the payment listings are listed for 48 months from the date of posting. To view a detailed payment instruction, click on the Trans ID to view the particular stubs.

An instruction on how to print the paystub is displayed when you click on the Trans ID. Click on the OK button to continue to quickly view the overview of pay stub online. To view in full screen, click on the “Maximize” button.

To print the current paystub instructions, click on the “Print” option.

How do I unlock my Estub account?

To unlock the account, kindly contact the paperless support manager or the HR team to get further instructions on how to unlock my-estub account.

  • Call the paperless support number
  • Request the store manager or payroll manager

How do I unlock my user ID on my Estub?

Employee user id is locked as a security measure when there is any 3 unsuccessful login attempt. So kindly wait for 24 hours to unlock it automatically.

If there is any problem, then kindly contact the paperless customer support or the payroll manager / HR Team.

How do I reset my Estub password?

During my estub initial setup, employees had to reset the password for the first time. Then after that, if they wish to reset the password later on then they had to follow the recovery password methods. In short we will explain on how to reset the password.

Follow the below steps to reset my Estub account password:

  • To reset, visit the official my-estub portal at Https://www.my-estub.com/
  • From the employee login menu, a recovery password will be seen.
  • Click on the “Recovery Password” option.
  • USER ID authentication will be prompted as a security measure.
  • Enter the employee user ID to receive reset instruction mail.
  • Kindly the check the registered email for any updates.
  • Complete the process which are illustrated on the email.

In case, if you have forgotten the employee username id, kindly refer to the mail document attached sent by your company payroll team.

How do I contact a paperless employee?

Paperless employees or customer support service can be reached at 1 800 489 1711. The paperless support services are available only when the company provide a detailed instruction about the contact process on the Paperless document.

Paperless Pay Customer service number: 1-800-489-1711 (Select OPTION 1).

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