Benefits of using an Employee Payroll App

Yes, we know, when the payroll period arrives it is one of the most laborious moments within the Human Resources department. For this reason, we want you to know the benefits of My Estub’s Paperless pay functionality to manage employee payroll online.


Employee Payroll – Benefits

Manage all payroll incidents

With the Paperless pay application, you can automate all your processes such as registrations, layoffs, medical leave, or other variables or supplements.

Best of all, you can always work in the same environment without having to worry or be distracted from looking for information on other sites because the program will update with each piece of information you enter.

CVS Health associates must use the website with their employee addresses.

Download and share incidents

If you work with a manager, you can manage payroll incidents by downloading the monthly summary in Excel format.

In addition, you can also send the payroll in pdf to your workers from the program  without having to open your mail manager. Your employees will always be able to access their data and information, as well as their electronic payroll.

Generate custom reports

With this software you will also be able to better manage your workforce by creating personalized reports about payroll incidents . You can review the registrations and cancellations that occur each month, all in visual graphics that will speed up your work.

Validate documents with electronic signature

On some occasions we can see Human Resources managers looking for the people they need to sign documents and, when they are not in the office, it is time they have lost.

Instead of having to go to the employee, My Estub makes it easy and has added the electronic signature function to its software . Now it does not matter where the employee is, they can sign at any time and from any device.

Protect your data

At My Estub, we work with more than 60,000 companies and our commitment to safety is total. Therefore, we have the GDPR Law and our software protects data by:

  • Single Sign on (SSO)
  • Data encryption
  • Security Firewals
  • Detection of vulnerabilities

Most common mistakes in payroll calculation

Sometimes it is not only necessary to pay attention while doing a task, but the way in which we work or how the company operates can cause us to make small mistakes or perform work less efficiently. And this can affect payroll management.

To do this, the best thing will be to have a payroll software that helps us streamline the entire process and with which we feel safe .

Next we are going to see what errors or failures are the most committed when calculating payroll :

Lack of payroll program or work system

There are companies that outsource payroll management, however, many small and medium-sized companies continue to do so internally.

Although the task of creating payroll and sending it to workers is a recurring task, it is a very repetitive activity and, for that reason, it can make us relax and make any mistakes. Furthermore, if the documents pass through different hands, we will not ensure that the same methodology is followed .

We must have everything under control since a small mistake now can cause a problem in the future with the Social Security Number and lead to fines for the company.

Mistakes in calculating workers’ benefits

There are different variables that we must take into account when calculating employee benefits: vacations, overtime , trainees, salary increase, nighttime bonus, etc.

There are changes that can occur from one month to another and, on occasions, it is not notified in advance or it is made out loud, without recording the news in any email. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good payroll system to help us minimize errors.

Quick payroll without planning

It is not advisable to leave payroll management for the last days of the month. This can lead to little time to confirm data and update employee information.

For this reason, we recommend that tasks related to payroll be carried out on the first 20 days of the month : collect information, coordinate new registrations and manage personal income tax and Social Security settlements.

Administrative staff reduction

As we have already mentioned, many small and medium-sized companies carry out the task of payroll management internally and, either because the company wants to reduce costs or because it is a very small company, sometimes more staff is lacking .

If to this we add that those who are dedicated to payroll management are not always qualified for this task, we will end up having a failure.

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