CPP In-Person Exam Question

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CPP in-person exam question

For the face-to-face exam, at the exam center, what do you get for assignments, notes, writing calculations, etc? the information I get is quite confusing. The CPP manual says you will receive a “Laminated Brochure” and a marker; I don’t know what that means but [this](https://vimeo.com/423395167) is what I assume it will be. The video is from PeasonVue so I guess it is correct. The APA webinar on the exam spoke on a whiteboard with an erasable marker; I don’t know what that means either. Can someone who has taken the test at the center recently clarify what you get for taking notes? The last time I took a certification exam (not CPP or FPC or anything related to payroll) at a PeasonVue center was about a decade ago and I think I got a blank piece of paper (or a brochure) and a pen to write on. The exam tutorials (how to navigate the exam on the computer, etc.) lasted approximately 15 minutes. I had prepared myself knowing this, so I quickly finished that introductory tutorial in 5 minutes and used the remaining 10 minutes to write down all the things I wanted to remember in the given document (aka brain dump). Did you try any of these “brain drain” strategies for the CPP exam, and if so, how? Also, what did you have in your brain (if any)? box 12 codes? fees, limits, anything else? Also, how was your day before exam preparation? What topics or summary had you passed? Thank you and I appreciate all of your responses and encouragement.

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This thread was originally published on 2021-03-26 09:02:23.

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3 thoughts on “CPP In-Person Exam Question”

  1. Think a personalized dry erase board, but thin an multiple pages. You can wipe off your calculations and reuse the page, or if you want to keep it for a bit you can just flip the page. Your pic is pretty much right on.

    I didn’t use the brain dump method you mention above, but can see how that would be useful. I was a big fan of learning Box 12 codes and other limits and such via flashcards I made.

    Best advice I can give you for the day before is to walk away from all your prep by noon or so. Take a break, give your brain time to refresh and recharge, and get a good night’s sleep. Have faith that you know your stuff and don’t let anxiety get the better of you.

    You will do great! Good luck!!!

  2. When I took the FPC at PearsonVue in 2016 (so, not really recently…) I was given a laminated notebook just like the one in the video. I was told not to erase anything, if I ran out of space I was to raise my hand and ask for a new notebook. There was plenty of space, I didn’t need to ask for a second book.
    Good luck on your exam! I hope to get my act together and take it next year.

  3. Just an update. I took the exam (in-person) today and passed. Just want to clarify/confirm the questions:

    1. About scrap notebook/laminated booklet: I was given a “laminated” booklet (as noted in the video). It contained about 5 pages (front and back -10 sides). It is not erasable. If you ran out of space, you could ask for another booklet. However they take away the old one before giving a new one. I had ton of calculations and had to use two booklets. Pointing this out because, if you had plans to review the questions using your calculations, notes from the booklet, you wont be able to ask for another (or you will lose the notes and calcs). If I remember correctly, I ran out of space at around 130 question mark (190 total) and asked for a new booklet. The instructor came and asked to return the old to give a new (only one booklet is possible at any time). I said I will try to use the existing and tried to squeeze /find some space in the booklet here and there. Though I didnt try the brain dump strategy, I had written down few questions to double check, related questions and calculations to verify at the end. I think I went through another 10 q but another calculations came through, so asked for a new.
    2. About Brain dump – the constraint of #1 applies here. If you have any brain dump noted down, you may not be able to ask for another booklet (or will lose it). However there is opportunity to note down important things to remember. There is an NDAs, survey questions, exam tutorials, altogether about 20 minutes. You should be able to leverage 10-15 minutes. It is important to note that PearsonVue does indicate it is against exam rules/policy to write anything before you begin your exam. I’m not sure how they define “before you begin your exam” , they could disqualify you if if its defined as the beginning of the main exam rather than the exam instructions.


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