CPP exam

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CPP exam

I will take the CPP exam next month. Any advice? I did the APA Pay train self-study and have over 20 years of experience processing payroll, but almost exclusively for small businesses. I have little or no experience in stocks, non-monetary compensation … Any words of wisdom on the best use of what my study time should focus on? AUNT!

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This thread was originally published on 2021-03-22 14:27:42.

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6 thoughts on “CPP exam”

  1. 20 years of experience? You should be good.

    I’m a payroll manager/ACH coordinator for a small firm and have about 10 years experience. I used Paytrain self-study exclusively. I read every single page, all quizzes, pre/post exam from Monday through Friday and took the exam that same week Friday evening. I passed.

    I do not foresee you having an issue.

  2. Hey me too! I only have about 7ish years of experience in payroll, and only for non profits so I haven’t gotten a broad exposure.

    I’ve been self studying using the payroll source and practice questions. I’m not as far along as I want to be, but hopefully it’ll work out.

    I’m taking mine April 7th. Good luck!

  3. I would try and Google some of the payroll source tests or any other cpp practice tests. I took Paytrain but realized a lot of the questions were more like the payroll source, it’s a good idea to try other resources as well. Also be sure to memorize the w2 box 12 codes. Good luck! I’m sure you will do great! I passed using paytrain as well!!

  4. I didnt want to open a new thread for this, so I thought I will tag along here and post my questions relating to the exam.
    Good Luck u/MommaDogC . I have mine next month as well. I have access to Paytrain and 2019 Payroll source, so my prep is to repeat the Paytrain quizes, exercises, pre/post exams as much as I can. I do not think I can manage/read through another book in the next three weeks. If at all I’m going to venture out, I will go through the Pub 15-E. The questions I wanted to ask is relating to the exam itself (in-person) and how was your day before and the morning of the exam.

    For the in-person exam, at the exam center, what do they give you for the workings, notes, calculations (not the calculator), etc? the information I get is pretty confusing. The CPP handbook says you will get a “Laminated Booklet” and a marker; dont know what that means but [this] is what I’m assuming it will be. The video is from PeasonVue, so I would assume thats correct. The APA webinar about the exam talked about a whiteboard with an erasable marker; dont know what that means either. Can anyone who has taken the exam at the center recently clarify what you get for your note taking?

    The last time I took a certification exam (not CPP or FPC or anything relating to payroll) at a PeasonVue center was about a decade ago and I think I got some blank paper (or a booklet) and a pen for writing. The exam tutorials (how to navigate the exam on the computer, etc) was for about 15 minutes. I had gone prepared knowing this, so I quickly finished that intro tutorial in 5 minutes and used the rest 10 minutes to write down all things I wanted to remember in the given paper (aka brain dump). This was very helpful during the exam. Not knowing what it will be for the CPP, I’m still struggling to figure the strategy for this exam. Did you try any of these “brain dump” strategy for the CPP exam and if so, how? I think the laminated erasable notebook from the video looks good and it could work for this purpose but dont know.

    Also, what was on your brain dump (if there was one)? box 12 codes? rates, limits, anything else?

    Also, how was your day before the exam prep looked like? what topics or summary you had gone through?

    Thanks and appreciate all your answers and encouragement.


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