What is Pay Stub

There are many ways to answer the question “What is a pay stub?” as this simple form can mean different to different people. The most important thing that an electronic pay stub is: is a permanent record of how much you as an employee have earned for … Read more

What is Payroll & How to Manage it

Payroll refers to the money that goes to employees. For example: in a full-service business such as a grocery store you pay every employee, and you pay on your behalf, this money is called customer salary. This is what a store clerk will tell you: … Read more

Benefits of using an Employee Payroll App

Yes, we know, when the payroll period arrives it is one of the most laborious moments within the Human Resources department. For this reason, we want you to know the benefits of My Estub’s Paperless pay functionality to manage employee payroll online. Employee Payroll – Benefits … Read more

How To Check Paystub Online & Preview

Welcome to my estub online, and I got a quick demo of how to use the online portal to check the paperless paychecks online. We started with my estub login online, and we clicked on the paycheck stub, which gives us the tab options ie., … Read more

Pay Stub Forms – How to Find and Use It

If you are new to pay roll you may be worried about where to find pay stub forms and once you have them how to fill them out. There are a few ways to get your pay stub forms and which method you choose will depend on … Read more