Career in payroll through PCP certification

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Career in Payroll Through PCP Certification

I am considering a potential career in payroll through the PCP program but was wondering how likely my job opportunities would be with this as my only credential.

While completing a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field.

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This thread was originally published on 2021-04-16 03:43:16.

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2 thoughts on “Career in payroll through PCP certification”

  1. I would not be concerned about not having a BA to go along with your PCP. The biggest hurdle is gaining actual experience in the field. Payroll is a great career with lots of job opportunities. The more experience you get the more sought after you will be. It’s one of those professions where you are always getting headhunted by recruiters. A PCP is also a great complement to an accounting or HR diploma or degree.

  2. I have been in Payroll for the past 7 years. I do not have a degree. I have a diploma in Hotel Management. I started as a Payroll Clerk after completing my PCP and moved up the ladder into a Learning Specialist for our Payroll Department (100 staff). I second what the other commenter said an HR Certificate helps (I completed my HR Cert while working Payroll). Also helpful Business Analysis and Project Management courses. It’s a great career to grow in and you will always be busy and in demand. 🙂


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