[California] SPSL and FFCRA Questions and Methods

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[California] SPSL and FFCRA Questions and Methods

So what is everyone doing in this situation?

This is the way I understand it, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

1. We need an earnings code specifically for SPSL.

2. Keep a record of the FFCRA when using SPSL in a spreadsheet. Although we use SPSL, we can get the tax credits for FFCRA.

3. In one situation, you are a family member with COVID-19 care – you use SPSL in the system and we pay you 100% of the check, but FFCRA only pays 2/3 of it.

How are people talking about this with their CSR payroll software?

Did I miss something? How is everyone handling this with their CSR from their payroll certification program?

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This thread was originally published on 2021-04-19 at 11:45:05.

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1 thought on “[California] SPSL and FFCRA Questions and Methods”

  1. Here is what we did with our payroll software (our company develops payroll software):

    Each California employee is assigned a Covid Leave balance computed by the program (either 80 hours for full time or less if a variable hour employee). This is printed on the check stub/voucher as required.

    We created a leave definition table that allows users to define what type of leave is taken based on the combination of earning code, expense codes, and cost center entered on the check. This is either one of the FFCRA types (if the employer is eligible for it) or CA Covid Leave.

    Leave paid using FFCRA types that are also covered under CA Covid Leave will deduct from the available Covid leave balance (and update the balance for the check stub) and activate the special tax handling for FFCRA and the 941/943. (Our customers don’t have to track it separately in spreadsheets, although some did last year).

    For item 3, we advise users to pay the 2/3 using the normal leave type and the 1/3 has to be paid with a separate earnings code that is not connected to the leave.

    I think that covers the main things we did, most of this was in place last year when CA Covid leave was first instituted (via execute order I think, for employers with >500 employees). The main things we needed to address was how the new CA law overlapped with federal law.


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