2020 US Get Paid Survey Results: What Does / r / Payroll Think?

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2020 Getting Paid in America Survey Results – What’s /r/payroll’s thoughts?

#[2020 Getting Paid in America Survey Results here](https://www.nationalpayrollweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2020GettingPaidInAmericaSurveyResults.pdf) & nbsp; ** My reflections looking at the answers: ** & nbsp; * 7 out of 10 people didn’t complete a new W-4 in 2020. I’m surprised, I thought it would be like 9 out of 10. & nbsp; * Did 20% of respondents think the new W-4 was easier? Really? I want names, phone numbers, I need your reasoning because I hate the new form. & nbsp; * I am pleased to see that direct deposit seems to be more available to people than it was 10 years ago. I think this is related to the rise of non-traditional banks. & nbsp; What are other people’s thoughts?

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This thread was originally published on 2021-04-09 06:46:38.

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3 thoughts on “2020 US Get Paid Survey Results: What Does / r / Payroll Think?”

  1. I went into the IRS publication that gave the actual calculation (page 7 of Publication 15T) and compared it back to each piece of the form so that I could understand it….. that really helped — because the place that most screw up is on the $2000 which is now a tax CREDIT rather than an income deduction. If those making about $40k on a semimonthly payroll put in $2000, they will generally have very little come out under the new calculations. I guess it’s easier if they just pick S/M/HH etc.

    I’ve had a lot NOT change unless they have a reason to do so, mostly after they’ve done 2020 tax reporting.

    We require all employees to do direct deposit…..haven’t had any issues but we tend to hire a more professional level rather than entry/minimum wage level.

  2. What I tell employees when filling out their W4 as standard protocol was “please get this advice from your tax professional.”


    Before 2020, it was because it was a liability even though i knew about allowances and understood lower number = more taxes taken now, higher number= less taken now but more chance to owe.


    Now I tell them the same thing because I barely know how to fill it out myself lol.

  3. Just seeing this. My thoughts echo yours about filling out a new W4. Vast majority of folks don’t even know it exists. I still have clients insisting to use the old one because it’s easier for them. All those questions about paycheck advancing….ugh. Feels like it was sponsored by Zayzoon or something. I love that physical checks are going the way of the dodo. I think of the dozens of clients we have implemented this year, only one had physical checks. I am glad there are more online banking options because I hate paycards so much.


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